Getsimport appears in the role of an outsourcing center in the field of foreign economic activities and trade operations, that include:

  • Technical import/export – upstream integration of the technical operator of Foreign Economic Activities «turnkey»
  • Atypical FEA
  • Tools for price fixing of the supplied products
  • Intermediation in transportation, lading and dispatch of goods
  • Administration and optimization of supply chains in collaboration with distributors and string sales.
  • Fiscal, customs and financial consulting services.


The Getsimport Company appears in the role of the Service Center providing technical support for FEA (Foreign Economic Activities) operations herewith taking into account individual needs of each specific client.

We work in accordance with current tariff rates using tailored and proven optimization mechanisms that do not contradict the Ukrainian Law.


Model №1:

Used for deliveries from one and the same non-resident Manufacturer / Supplier of homogeneous product groups.

Model №2:

Used for consolidation of deliveries into one contract. Convenient in case of the large number of non-resident Suppliers.

By using №1 and №2 import models, the Getsimport company is autonomously concluding the FEA agreement about the delivery of the goods on the territory of Ukraine with a foreign supplier. Usually, we use the form of the supply contract or agent agreement. If the general cargo is available, the attraction of a friendly foreign company for consolidation of purveyance under one contract is possible.
Upon the arrival of goods, Getsimport independently performs all the necessary payments from the custom clearance, transportation services forwarding operations, that are related to the delivery of goods directly to the requester. Upon delivery of the product, requester pays the cost of goods, taking into account all the payments and one-off fee of the Getsimport company.


During the execution of the exporting operations, most companies face a number of administrative and economical risks. As one of the possible options, Getsimport suggests our clients using classic export model on a consignment basis or a contract of factorage. Under this scheme, Getsimport signs the supply agreement with the producing company, that exports goods, makes 100% payment under the partnership contract. Simultaneously the Company signs the brokerage contract with the commission agent, who can be connected with the manufacturer by our company for export.