The Getsimport company will help you in adjustment and debugging of direct business contact with enterprises and suppliers in European Union, Asia and USA.


The Getsimport company provides the full service on customs clearance services and Non-Tariff goods regulatory.


The specialists at Getsimport company will analyze and give guidelines for choosing the best option to perform Foreign Economic Activity operations.

The Getsimport company was founded in 2011 and remains the universal operator on the entire market of Foreign Economic services.

We represent a role of the service center for brokerage companies and customers, performing technical maintenance functions for Foreign Economic Activity operations including:

Export-import agencies

Assistance in adjustment and debugging of direct business contacts with enterprises and suppliers in European Community, Asia and USA.

Foreign economic contract

Drafting, approval, examination and drawing up foreign economic, foreign trade and international contracts.

Brokerage fee services

Customs clearance of export, import and transit goods, Non-Tariff regulatory services.

Optimization of fiscal and financial hazards

Analysis and recommendations on choosing the best option to perform Foreign Economic Activity operations, fiscal and financial consulting and planning services.

We also provide services to:

Natural gas supply

Clients, that prefer using outsourcing services of the Getsimport company, get next benefits:

Legally unrelated company is engaged in the technical import/export

Maintaining control over financial flows, supply chains and trade operations character

Reducing the degree of responsibility during inspections by the fiscal authorities

Optimization of common database and the scope of taxation

Getsimport Company carries out its activities based on business integrity, openness and transparency.

Providing services to our Clients we work toward continuous search of the most effective schemes of work and forms of scheme implementation in order to meet our Clients’ requirements in trading operations to the greatest possible extent. By investing in staff development as well as providing comfortable work environment, Getsimport Company is in effort to boost the professional level and dedication of its employees, improving its Company’s activities as a whole.
Our goal is to provide services that meet high international standards that allows to regain the rightful place in the list of top Ukrainian companies.

As part of the affiliate program, Getsimport invites brokerage companies to cooperation.

Partnership program conditions provide compensation as an extra bonus from calculated customs payments.
The Getsimport company works under the current tariff’s indicative price. Our company’s specialists take on prepared and costed proposals.